E-Z Contact Book

E-Z Contact Book

Create a database containing contacts information
E-Z Contact Book v4.8
03 Dec 2020
E-Z Contact Book v4.7
18 Oct 2019
E-Z Contact Book v4.6
12 Aug 2018
E-Z Contact Book v4.4
6 May 2017
Editorial review
E-Z Contact Book v3.2
6 Sep 2015
E-Z Contact Book v3.1
7 Jun 2014
Editorial review
E-Z Contact Book v3.0
27 May 2013
Editorial review
E-Z Contact Book v2.8
29 Jan 2013
E-Z Contact Book v2.7
26 Jul 2012
Editorial review
E-Z Contact Book v2.5
26 Jan 2012
E-Z Contact Book v2.4
3 Dec 2011
E-Z Contact Book v2.3
19 Aug 2011
Editorial review
E-Z Contact Book v2.2
30 Mar 2011
E-Z Contact Book v1.1
10 Mar 2008

What's new

v4.4 [6 May 2017]
- New: Enabled option to import user settings when restoring from DB backup on an empty database.
- New: search text in the Notes is now highlighted.
- Fixed: removed restriction to use dot character in re-entering user email dialog.
- Other minor fixes and improvements.

v3.2 [6 Sep 2015]
Tags are now supported by Sync and import from database backup
Google contacts with empty names are now ignored
Added View option "Show Envelope Return Address"
Fixed: error when updating Google contact with a new address
Fixed: drag/drop didn't work in the import mapping screen on Windows 10

v3.1 [7 Jun 2014]
- Enabled option "Advanced Export"
- Improved Book Print option to be more flexible
- Improved import from CSV files
- Other modifications to improve stability

v3.0 [27 May 2013]
- Fixed option to move contacts between groups
- Fixed navigation to the web page on click a hyperlink

v2.8 [29 Jan 2013]
- Improved export to CSV - replaced single LF as line break character with CR LF combination.
- Removed unnecessary indent at the beginning of line in the Notes displaying in the Contact Details pane.
- Improved displaying space indents in the Notes text in the Contact Details pane.
- Split Notes and Reminders into separate pages in the contact editor to make more room for Notes.
- Added button "Edit Notes" below Contact Details pane.

v2.7 [26 Jul 2012]
Program settings are now saved in database instead of configuration file to improve stability
Fixed column persistence (didn't work on some computers)
Fixed incorrect calculation of reminder days in a leap year
Fixed mail envelope template (printed duplicated sender name for cyrillic names)

v2.5 [26 Jan 2012]
- Auto-formatting of the phone numbers made optional for the countries with irregular phone format
- Fixed columns persistence after restarting the program, and enabled rearranging columns by dragging column titles
- Fixed an error on auto-start the program after restarting Windows
- Fixed Name column sorting when either Last or First Name is empty
- Fixed few other minor bugs

v2.4 [3 Dec 2011]
- Enabled export to and import from vCard files
- Enabled drag-and-drop files from Windows explorer into the application to start import
- Column widths and positions are now saved at shut down and restored at startup
- Maximized size of the application is now saved at shut down and restored at startup
- Added button "Add another contact" in contact editor

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